French nation


Too bad we haven’t seen France yet.
I’m really looking forward to the French …

The game has approx. come out in 14 days and we will see the French for the first time on 15.10.2021.

Are you also looking forward to the French?


Being french speaking, I definitely look forward to try them.

Will they become my favorite civ or not is another question. I will need some gaming to answer that.

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France is the next civ to be featured in the pre-launch stream series. It’s on Friday, dunno what time in Western Europe because they always have the American times shown.

Now that I’ve learned French it’s going to be incredibly awkward to understand what the units are saying. I’m not used to it at all.

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I don’t understand why peaple would like to play a civ because they speak their language. As a french guy, i don’t like france in all aoe game where this civ exist XD.

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I prefer when I don’t understand a language in video games to be honest. Listening to someone say “Yes?” in 50 different ways is a lot worse than just 是的 (if I didn’t know Chinese, it’s an example for the english speakers).

Overall though the language doesn’t influence my choice on who to play. France seems really interesting as a civ because it represents the medieval European stereotype, royal knights and merchants playing a big part

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You are curious if you speak the langage. Even more if it is your mother tongue. You give them an early try. No more.

I am really looking forward to try the civ. I even have some builds I want to try with them after learning a bit about their bonuses

In AoE III French have been proly the best vanilla starting civ. Classically designed, universal bonus that can be utilized by every noob (benefits from having Coureur des Bois instead of normal vills) etc.
In IV, at least in beta, England seems to be a solid, starting civ. I wonder if devs play it safe and deliver what most people expect (that doesn’t mean ‘want’) as they did in AoE2 and 3, or will French more weird and unique.


I wonder if in balancing balanced all the other civs first, then made their knights just good enough to be a bonus but not too OP (since knights are just best unit overall it seems)

To me it always seemed a bit strange choosing to play a civ just because you are from the same country. I would not choose to play Vikings just because I am Swedish, I pick the civ that suits my playstyle.

It is a computer game, not the World Cup.

For me even preferring sports teams due to my location or origin makes no sense either. But I think I am the outlier there.

Well now you saw them… guess you can answer your own question ^^

With this first look they seem OP as f, with eco bonuses everywhere, cheaper unit production influence effect and an auto-heal knight with hit and run bonus.
Worst offender is the Arbalétrier though… tanky in melee and ranged (when stationary and using the pavise) and also countering heavy armor (cause xbow) and light armor (cause ranged unit and massed).
Guess the MAA and non-gold units will be bad to balance it out? But they can be produced cheaper as well once you have a castle, so you can out-mass?
The most unique landmark seems to be that Feitoria with extra steps.

TopKhan has a nice overview on yt: Pre-Release Guide to the French (TopKhan)