French pass, double mountain ranges, only one side has a shortcut for other team to sacred site

Other team was at a disadvantage in getting to sacred site as quickly as the other team. There was a shortcut only on one side.

Map: French Pass
Map seed: 7f4c1c93
Players: 4v4
Map Size: 8 (Gigantic)
Team Starting Locations: Team Together
Biome: Taiga Winter


Oh god, yeah I encountered this and I did not expect the enemy to see it. We lost the match because of that tiny pass, they made horses and some 3 cannons and dead we were after they broke through. Units couldn’t come back from the center to defend as they were going at the speed of sieges.

What was the biome? This also affects the seed and the map generation.

I just updated the original post with more info on Biome, etc. Was able to replicate it with the seed.

Thank you for all the details @Drumsin—we’ll look into it! We are definitely working on map balance tuning.