French should have an Irish Brigadier shipment

Since the release of DE, a lot of new mercenary units were introduced in the game. On the other hand, most european civs still only have the four age-3 mercenary shipment from 2005. I believe this should be extented to include more of the new mercenaries in the 8 original civs.

Here I want to talk about the Irish Brigadier, a neat unit added in the last patch. I believe it should be added as a mercenary shipment to France. Following the Flight of the Earls and the exode of a lot of irish soldiers in France, irish line infantery regiments were constituted. They formed the Irish Brigade (Irish Brigade (France) - Wikipedia)
This brigade was involved in several battles and conflicts, including the war of the austrian succession and the american revolution war. Notably, the Irish Brigade was covered in glory at the battle of Fontenoy (1745), where the irish troops charged the flank of a british assault column, securing the victory in this important battle.

I would like to be able to use Irish Brigadier as France, and I believe an age 3 mercenary shipment could be created. This new shipment would diversify the french civ by adding a new strategic option.


Lo gracioso es que es un mosquetero mercenario que vale 100 monedas, pero ya veras que cuando obtiene sus mejoras al matar unidades se vuelve pero poderoso!

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