French Test of Strength II - Cannot Complete

Hi. I am trying to complete the French 6th mastery, test of strength II (2). I have completed 2 skirmishes 1 on 1 vs AI Intermediate but the mastery will not show completed. I tried the first against the English than thought maybe I needed to complete it against the French. I did that too but it still doesn’t show completed. Any suggestions?

Have you tried restarting the game and trying again? If that doesn’t work, it could be a bug.

Yes, I completed the first skirmish yesterday. I logged out and took a break. I started the second last night and finished this morning.

I see. That’s interesting. I know a friend of mine was just completing the French masteries yesterday, and they worked for him, so I’m assuming that the issue is on your end somehow.

How long did it take you to defeat the AI each time?

Hmm. Match history shows 3 hours and 13 hours. So I saved both matches and came back to them. Perhaps I should try playing through without stopping/saving.

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I have had this on the main campaign where it didn’t give me the achievement if I saved and loaded up again. I think this might be a bug but try without saving, in a single play through and it should work.

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Ah, well, that makes more sense. The game ought to be finished in one go without saving then. It shouldn’t take more than a half hour to beat Intermediate AI if you do a bit of harassment to it in Feudal.

That worked. I played through it without pausing or saving and got the mastery :slight_smile: Thanks all

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I just won 2 times in a row and never saved it. Played straight through and it still has not advanced me through this stage