French trade ship bug

French has the Civilization Bonuses ‘Trade ships return 20% more gold’ ,but actually it won’t return more gold at all. (But When French trade ship want to trade food/wood/stone , Nearly 20% gold will still be gold, other will be transformed, The total amount of resources remains unchanged)

About the French sea trade ,the French landmark ‘Chamber of Commerce’ is still bug ,like this report . Resources should include gold ,but the landmark only works on food/wood/stone ,no matter it’s land trader or trade ship ((When it comes to trade ship(which usually trade nearly 34% wood and 66% gold) ,the original wood won’t increase either))

picture explain ; Same map .same trade distance
Chinese trade(normal trade) ; 17 wood 35 gold
French trade ; 17 wood 35 gold
French trade for food ; 17 wood 23 food 11 gold (11+23=34 near 35)
French trade with trade landmark ; 17 wood 35 gold
French trade with landmark ,trade for food; 17wood 30 food 11 gold ( food 23 * 1.3=29.9 near 30)

Thank you @xijinping896469! I appreciate the numbers provided and the attention to detail. We’re looking into it!