French vs Chinese Bug?

The game 16 oct. 2021 on youtube Age of Empires IV: French vs Chinese - YouTube

from 10:17 to 10:34.

Observe the French knight.
He is dead but no body on the ground. Just disappeared?
No, he is in the tower! Tower have 0/5 but continue attack. Once tower is destroyed Knight’s body appeared. Lol!
So Knight die and enter in the tower at the same time! He is dead and does not take the place in the tower, but tower attacks the enemies. Ahaha its fun!


They are just porting over AOE2 mechanics :stuck_out_tongue:


It may not be in this case (even though this very clearly looks like a glitch).
But units disappearing after dying is a know bug that the devs have stated they are aware of.

Once tower is destroyed Knight’s body appeared. So knight’s body is in the tower =)

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Yeah its clearly a glitch, thanks for reporting it!

It’s just like how in my game I killed a unit and built a University on top of its body, but the body ended up a monument in the gardens of the University lolllll