French vs Rus FC land map

Hello, I need advice, I have no idea what the strategy with FRANCE may be to combat RUSSIA fast castle. You have no initial bonuses so a fast rush is unfeasible, and the RUS has a lot of free gold as a head start.
Double TC slows you down and you have no feudal way to fight and the countdown of the SACREDs will begin.
fast castle … you will always be slower, but still later … what do you use? there is nothing really appropriate against horse archers.
I even thought of tower rush but I see it too silly.

So what can I do? In most tournaments it is a free win for RUS, and the FRE players who have won their rivals made big mistakes.
Thank you very much for the help
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This video from Hera is really good.
I was skeptical at first but I have had a lot of success using it lately. Honestly there is so much good content coming from here’s twitch and YouTube lately!

In age1 u need a 2nd scout asap to kill deer and wolves and bring sheep.
In age 2 you want to go archer and knights and harass the Rus player wood line constantly. Your goal is not to kill his vills but to make them garrison constantly on the wooden fortress(if u kill vills is a bonus). You can do this by attacking with a Knight and pulling it back as soon as the vills garrison and repeat the process once the vills are out, then you switch to a full hp knight while the injured Knight heals and repeat the process bringing archers once you have enough of them using the Knight to tank arrows and slowly building up your mass behind.
If you do this right the Rus player will get to castle but will ha e no wood to spam horse archers and you can follow up with rams, keep adding more units or age up behind.

His video here

On this video he goes castle but there are others on twitch where he just finishes the game in age2.

WoW, thats works? I mean, at same levels players, can work on that way? Only garrison? Horse archer are so strong versus archer tier 2, i dont know how can work but i Will try, tnx for the answer and for the vid :slight_smile:

Well, i saw a little, its King Hill. At that map Wood its super small and raideable, i think its so especial but i Will try on árab anyway…

It has worked wonders for me and I have even used in maps were woodline is closer to the tc. With french it’s much easier than with other civs because the knights don’t die so easily to tower and tc fire and you can heal the injured knights later and just keep sending the full hp ones in. Just make sure to retreat them on time as you definitely don’t wanna loose any knights. Eventually your archer mass and your Knight mass will build up and you will start overwhelm your opponent.

Yeah, if his villagers are in the tower then they are not working. Eventually when you have a good mass you can dive in more and start killing vills but at the start you just need to iddle them.
If you are still struggling with it you can message me later and I show some of my own recs.

I have been playing 2v2. So far the only challenge the only civilization I difficult dealing with are Chinese. RUS for me are not that challenging. The reason is: Its true, horse archers are very hard to deal with but if you push their base instead right when it reaches castle age, the RUS is at its weakest.

What I usually do is:

  1. Start making horsemen the moment you reach second age (Maybe drop a second stable)
  2. Build tower close to important resource such as gold. Don’t put more than 5 villagers. You will lose the rest every time they push.
  3. The moment they push you base. Raid Rus base. You can pick-off a lot of villagers. (RUS can’t build stone walls, so If you can keep producing a good mass of horsemen you can keep hurting their eco. Remember to upgrade range armour)

I usually drop castle in castle age and place stables near and start producing horsemen. Horsemen do not require gold. RUS can easily deny your gold. Horsemen are 20% cheaper and produce 30% faster due to landmark and you can create a good mass to keep raiding if you can manage food. I usually start making farms in feudal age if I am going for it.

Also this strategy have time limit. If you cant cripple the RUS they will be able to produce good mass of HA. And you will have to shift to something else. So its important to go for kill in castle age.

So… u dont go for pro scouts ?

Not on this match up.because it delays your aggression

This is not a bad idea either.
I used to go for mass horseman too and occasionally would work.
The problem with them is that they are a terrible unit atm, they barely trade well even against regular archers, the moment the rus player makes any other unit horseman just melt.