Frequent crashes

In each game I played last night, several players would be disconnected “due to connection loss.” Then, when I was playing one game, the program just crashed completely. The program closed on its own. I imagine this is what happened to the other players.

@Jborgzz This is for AoE III: DE correct?

Correct. AoE3 definitive beta

I have an similar problem but i only played vs ai. The game crashes after some time in the match. Also got some crash while switching the nation in the homecity screen.

Here is the log from my latest game:
Age3Log.txt (394.3 KB)

Hey, I just had exactly the same problem when playing a 3v3 online. Game crashed all the way without any warning or error code. Also seen this happening to other players…getting a sudden disconnect out of nowhere. For me it happened when I reached 4th age…probably has nothing to do with it because i have seen other players drop out earlier… hope on a fix!

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Yes, my game is facing constant crashes as well, a problem I didnt had last time.

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the game is perma crashing now like 9 out of 10 games ends up in a crash and for me it only happens when im about to defeat the AI…