Frequently reported players should be punished

When we report a player, I can’t see any effect since the next game I play with the same player.
So, my suggestion is bringing same punishment system with MOBA games.

If a player is reported by other players with let’s say 20 times in 10 games. They should be banned from joining any ranked games until they win 3 quick play games(win or at least play 40 mins in-game time).

Also since there is an actual punishment system, players should get 1 report option per 3 games or so. So, they can`t spam reporting.

We can also add this punishment system on match dodging, if player dodged more than 3 games , they should get same 3 quick play as well.

I think this system at least stops some quitters, also it may stop smurfs since they can be reported by players.


Maybe give more Map Bans so people would dodge less…
Otherwise dodging would end up “20min semi-playing dragging out the game to not seem as DODGING”. Still quiting the game as from initial start of minute 1… you had 0 plan to actually play the game properly…


Only 1 ban when queuing alone for a 3v3, or 4v4 is really DUMB.
If you don’t ban nomad, it’s nomad. If you don’t ban arena, it’s arena, and so on.
And now in the pool there are two maps I hate, the african nomad and the amazon boring.
I get that it could take more time to find a game, but let the player decide if he wants to wait longer or play a map he hates.

Also, what’s with the 9 maps pool? Why only 9? More so when there are fixed ones.
There are so many maps in the game, balanced and all. All the big tournaments use maps we never see in the queue. Why not add 3 or 4 more maps, and more bans? Come onnnnnnn


The easiest option is when the devs start looking at the current reports. That will fix a lot of the issues mentioned in the first post. It feels terrible to play against the same griefer again and again without no interference of the dev team. Currently i got the feeling that my reports are useless and the devs dont really care.


I have no idea what kind of point you are trying to make…

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The thread title is true, I know people trolling and verbal abuse every single game and they maybe get a 24h suspension or chat suspension every ~100 games. And then they play on one of their 10 smurf accounts.

im surprised anyone gets punished at all? i thought no one did except for “map dodging” ie the server timing out and falsely punishing people , or getting punished when half your team drops, so you leave as well “no you need to wait 5 min, and waste your opponent’s time”

is hilarious that decent players get punished for problems with the game, while trolls get off completely free

punish the innocent, encourage the wicked…

it’s a different suspension than ranked queue suspension.
you will not be able to play any multiplayer, and the countdown is shown in main menu.
this kind of suspension is at least set by player reports.

but it comes into play way too late, and can be circumvented by pulling a smurf acc for 2 usd for friend sharing.