Friendly reminder that custom scenarios are fully playable again

Well, after 3 full months (or 4, if we count the kill counter bug on January update) being unavailable, due to several file-transfering and performance instability issues introduced on the February Update, custom scenarios are playable again on Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

For me it’s just isane that the community have been forcefully blocked from the enjoyment of custom scenarios for half the game’s age. I do thank the team for the issues being finally patched, but I don’t think I should. 3 months is really a lot of time, and it really damaged this aspect of the game for us. But still good news, anyway.

I don’t even know if map creators are still around DE, but I really encourage you gals and guys to stick around and/or come back. There are a tons of players thirsty for playing your creations again. I can guarantee that your efforts and patience are worth for us.

And the same for players, get back to play, reach your favorite creators! Let’s populate custom games again!

Today I’ve been able to fill up lobbies and play and chat with people for the whole day, it’s been the most fun I had with the game since late January. Please, don’t take this from us again, don’t kill this game, don’t let it die. Have a bit more care with your community, it’s all I ask. The rest we can figure out by ourselfs.


welcome to the club pal

They rather make events, easter eggs, profile icons than fix the real problems with AOE DE

Even when they release a new update makes the game worse. It has been like that since january. They are destroying this game for lack of good work.