Friendly reminder to update your GPU drivers

Age of Empires 4 will release in a few hours. Enough time to check for GPU drivers.
You might have heard that AMD GPUs have less FPS than expected but that problem has been addressed.

Up to 45% better FPS in AoE4!

I personally played the Betas with an AMD RX 5700XT and was satisfied with the FPS on 1440p and max settings but more FPS is always good.


There was a new nvidia driver released too which says it has optimisations for aoe4 among other newer games. Let’s hope that is correct.

Can confirm that the AMD drivers allowed me to play at max settings, had to play at 90% resolution scale before.

I use a MacBook Pro 15 2015 with a AMD Radeon M370X. But the game crashes at the start. New driver are not possible to install. I hope someone can help me.

The game released for Windows, not for Mac :confused:

Yes. I use Windows 10 nativ on this MacBook.

Try emailing they might be able to help u there