Friends List on AOE2

Hey guys and Devs… don’t you think it is about time we have a Friends list, and Guild/Club/Collective/Alliance/League (whatever group of friends for playing team game).
Btw, I love team games. It is very rare for me to play 1x1.
So… hope soon we will be able to play easily with friends we make along the matches!


Agreed, and it’s been something quite requested in the past as well.

When playing through Steam, Shift+Tab opens up the Steam UI window (or whatever it’s called), and in some games you can see accounts of people you’ve played recently, making for a very easy adding to the friends lists. In AoE2, it’s nightmarishly annoying to send someone a friend request once someone closes the game. Not to mention the entire clan feature feels redundant, as it offers no (as far as I can tell??) social features.

Furthermore, it is very frustrating that you cannot speak with your invited people as a group while in a queue (or even before that). You have to communicate through Steam (or voice). The chatbox appears for that single minute, so that feature clearly is there and intended!!! Why not allow the chatbox for you know, before as well??

I really think that the social features in AoE2 are severely lacking and need a lot of work. I get that it’s likely low priority, but it would really help playing with friends or even making new ones you meet once through solo TG queues!!!

I can’t stress the last part enough. We all love to joke about how horrible solo queueing can be in TGs, but on those lucky moments you find people who are great and you’d love to play with them again (on other days, not only through Rematch!), getting them to be your Steam friends is difficult as you cannot see people’s Steam avatars, and you might want to add them when you don’t have contact with them, and finding them through Steam’s user finder is also annoying as sometimes people have very common usernames or their usernames don’t match (and you don’t know their Steam avatar to actually spot them).

Right now, you have to go through third party sites (aoe2 net or aoe2insights) to actually add people on Steam, since the official leaderboards/player finder don’t link to someone’s Steam profile.


I’ll just post here to support, I totally agree with OP, friend’s list and optional chat would be great