Dear Devs,

Will we ever see a friends list that lets us know who is online and who is currently in game? This is such a huge issue for my friends and I. It would be so much easier to make lobby games by seeing the pool of friends who are currently not in game, just like we used to in legacy. Age 4 also has a working friends list that shows green for who is available. Most RTS games can do this. Is there are reason? Is this something on the radar for a future patch or is it just not of interest? I feel like this should be a priority over certain things in the patches.

It would also be nice if the friends list could always be visible in the lobby/browser.

Thanks! Let us know.


Yeah, I cant understand how they prefer to add maps, units, civs, modes (like the photo one) instead of fixing this basic issues. I mean, all that job is good and welcome but that kind of problems hurt the game more, moving out players…

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The photo mode definitely improves its social aspect though? Maps and Civs and Units is to make everything fresh to try to gain new players.

Retaining old players isn’t their priority because the game has basically only die hard fans by now ( On release there were average 15k/20k people x day, now average is 2-2.5k per day (on Steam) )

I know but they have to keep playing, not play 2 matches and good bye aoe3.

Also adding civs is a double edge weapon, they can attract players or repel them cause balance issues.