From where 120 exp cost on schaivonee?


i dont see how they cost 120exp, no exp is drained from the flag

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I think its a rough translation of the cost of the research shipment in the basilica

it has no sens they give for 300 f 300 coin 7 units so 300/7 would be the cost

So the way i am thinking about this is that its similar to the merc shipments right, you are paying to sort of equalise the value of the shipment for the particular age to the available age. Granted its a new mechanic so it wont be exactly the same but it goes something like this

  • so for the Schiavone one, its available in age 2 - so its the same as a age 2 infinite shipment which is usually worth about 400-500 resources ( eg carib native - 100 resources each X9 = 900 resources and you pay 500)
  • for the Schiavone, you are paying about 900 resources for it so the total shipment is worth about 1300-1400 resources.
  • from that 1300/7 = 185 resources
  • I also suspect that you are paying a slight premium for it being a shipment where you dont need shipment points
    the rest is how you want to convert xp to resources and thats pretty flexible

ridiculous, just give on iu the cost of food and gold, make it simple
devs must fix this

well that assumes that its a bug. I suspect for the papal units they are designed this way as they want to do something with using xp as a spendable resource in the future.

also this is in the wrong game thread now