Frosty Friends from the North Challenges EZ Unlock Scenario

This Mod is intended to make it extremely easy to pass the Event Challenges.

Disclaimer: If you find that this takes the fun out of everything, this Mod is not for you.

For each event, open a skirmish vs one AI, Infinite resources, All Visible, pick the appropriate Civ, and the starting Age required(if any).

After each challenge is completed, resign from game, and load it again when the next challenge becomes available.

  1. Research 9 Technologies with fiery icons to keep you warm: Start in Feudal age, research the relevant technologies, age up, research techs, until imperial age. Then resign from game and repeat. Maybe use Malay for a civ pick since they advance to the next age faster.

        Barracks: Arson
        Blacksmith: Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace
        University: Heated Shot, Ballistics
        Towncenter: Town Patrol
  2. Train 40 wheeled Units:

    Start in castle age and make 40 Rams, don’t use a civ that has siege elephants (they are not wheeled)

  3. Defeat 50 units with Scorpions, Ballista Elephant, Caravels, Thirisadai, War Galleys or Galleons:

    Start in post imperial age, pick Khmer, if you cant kill 60 caged elephants, then you suck (JK) :slight_smile:

  4. Train 50 bearded Unique Units:

    Pick Franks, start in Post imperial Age.

Pump out 50 Throwing Axemen

  1. Train 400 Light Cavalry-line Units:

    Pick Turks, start in post imperial, pump out 400 scout/light cav/hussar, delete other units if population limit doesn’t allow 400.

Stay subbed so you’ll be ready for the next event! We are at

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An easy way to accomplish the event challenges is to play against the Aztecs on Team Islands using Heated Shot towers. You do not need to boom, as 1 TC does the job (You will need some fishing ships, but not an overwhelming number). Make sure that you have 3 closely knit towers on each island corner (The AI loves to land there), the rest will be properly dispersed. You will be using a Market/Blacksmith to Castle Age build, as well as a University/Monestary Imperial Age build. Feel free to use trade cogs on enemy ports that you deem safe or care enough to secure with your ships.

Make sure to keep your towers as upgraded as possible.\

You should have enough miners on stone to start building your first set of towers once you reach Feudal. During Feudal you should reach 7-9 stone miners. This is a command economy, not a meta economy.

Or you can use the scenario and have the challenge done in under 90 seconds. Your way requires a lot more time and effort, but the intention here is to provide a way for those that want to get it done and over with quickly.

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