Frustrating Arabia spawn location

A few days ago I played an Arabia 1v1, I went feudal and opponent was Spanish. My army spent several minutes but can’t find opponent, when I found him it was too late to do damage and he was castle age and dropped a castle on my TC, it is over. Very frustrating game I would say. I wonder how many players have faced such map spawn location. I can’t find the screenshot so I drew it.

How did you opponent found you?

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Obviously he found me but i didn’t find him untill very late. I found him when he was walled and almost up to castle age. It is too late for my feudal army to do damage. My feudal army walked around the map for several minutes

The problem isn’t the map generation, it gives variability to the game. The problem is your scout timing.
How did you used your scout in the first 10 minutes of the game? Did you push deers and were late scouting the map?
How did you made the scout explore the map? Direct in the middle? A large round in the corners to avoid the enemy TC?
Did you take in consideration the presence of neutral resources? A group of 3 gold or stone is a clear hint that the opponent base is not nearby.


I wonder if you also complain every time you win a game?

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this thread has L2P written all over it. First of all, scouting all possible spots where opponent can be isn’t exactly hard, especially if you don’t push deer.

Secondly, if you haven’t found your opponent by Dark Age, you should 100% find him by Feudal, where the starting scout is faster and has more LOS.

Third, naked FC is 1 of worst strats on Arabia, it can be strong in low elo but only because people don’t follow BOs and scout it properly. In case of Spanish specifically, this strat has a number of problems:

  1. easily scouted by seeing him sending many vills to Stone in Feudal (on current iteration of Arabia walling early is impossible unless you commit 5+ vills to walls in Dark Age in which case you won’t be able to do the classic 29-30 pop FC with walls and it will be more like 33 pop FC instead which already starts to not be “fast”).
  2. easily denied by 1 range Archers into late 2nd range (which is the standard archer opening you should learn when you start the game)
  3. can be punished in Feudal by something like 19-20 pop Scouts (below 1200-1300 elo Scouts are nearly auto win if you can micro a bit)
  4. even in worst case of castle drop next to your base, opponent spends large amounts of time in going to next age, so he has low vill count. 30 vills that typically opponent has after a FC into Conqs of this genre are generally not enough to afford upgrades like Bloodlines, eco upgrades or adding TCs. Very often TC is idle for parts of his Castle age as well because Conqs are food-intensive.

tl;dr: you should stop crying OP to everything and seriously L2P a bit, it’s not the first thread by you where I see complaints about stuff that nobody thinks is broken, not even mid elo players.

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Has any one seen this map gen before, arabia players spawn next to each other. How often does this happen?

Well we dont know how close your “next to each other” is. But yeah, the map script allows for rather close spawning positions (which I like, it makes scouting actually useful).

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I think you can install some mod to help you to find your opponent


Generally speaking this mod frowned upon. Setting that aside tho, the Devs changed map generations so town centres don’t spawn on the same ellipse (either closer to the centre or to the outside). If I recall correctly they made the change in response to this mod.


Wow, that has poison written all over it…


I see this kind of spawn locations quite often, may be 1 of 7-8 games on Arabia has such spawn locations.
Yes, it’s pretty hard to scout opponent with this kind of spawn positions. If you start scouting counter clockwise you’ll find him too late.
First time I had this kind of spawn positions it was rough. Now I just keep in mind this possibility.

I guess you’re talking about MAA rush. Your best bet would be sending maa into black area if your haven’t found your opponent in time.

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Arabia seems to have still the Tc on the elipse. Anyway, the mod is only a way to train yourself: once you have learned the pathing to give to the scout in order to find the opponent avoiding the TC fire, scouting becomes easier.

Why would you recommend such a blatant cheat?

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fuuny thing I had another game with bad generation today. team island but islands are connected 11


I think dev should remove this mod from offical mod store entirely so that no people can even use this mod. Now I raise the question and hope that dev will see this!

what’s name of this mod?

The name is TC Orbit Green
Please go to below link to report so that dev can ban this mod

They should somehow remove the ability to make the mod if its even possible… if they remove it someone will just make it again, and it will have to constantly be policed.

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I could draw a circle on my monitor, it would have the same effect of this mod.
So I don’t think that remove it could be a solution.
It’s Arabia that have a map generation in witch TC are at the same distance from the center. In other maps this mod would prove totally useless.