Frustration with the USA challenges

Am I the only one that is really getting frustrated by the specific level of the challenges?
Tennessee: Deal 200 damage with your villagers (french VILLAGERS, don’t count)
Maryland: Build a Church with 3 different civ’s (the ottoman mosque, doesn’t count)
Oregon: deal 1841 damage with your exploror but treasure guardians don’t count
Nebraska: Upgrade the Iron Horse (The Iron lama upgrade doesn’t count)

All of these are similar or exactly the same as the units that do count. The coureur de bois are literally stronger villagers more build for combat. The Ottoman mosque is their version with similar effects to any other church a european civ can build. But the one that made me make this post is the nebraska challenge, I love the game but this is a different name for the exact same upgrade but this one doesn’t count because it calls the train a lama instead of a horse. REALLY? on top of that you can’t even see before you start a map if it is lama or horse.

Horse North America and lama South America, thats all. I tried first with south america because I want to prove if iron lama worked, It didnt and I want right after coureur des bois issues. You have to read literaly.

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The challenges are very literal and you can get a lot of help both here in forums and Steam discussions too. For example the Church challenge you literally have to build European “Churches” instead of mosques.

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These are more reading challenges than they are game challenges.

That said I finished it right on time, easily getting three done a day. If you run into any trouble feel free to ask.
There’s only 1 challenge where the challenge itself was stated wrong and that was with building the 10 Cowboys/Vasqueros/whatever where you actually had to build 15 or 20 or something?

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