Full Gameplay Changelog

It’s happening!!


There are some errors. they missed a change log that the cost of a Portuguese villager has become cheaper from 100F to 85F. And they are also using the wrong image while explaining a carolean. A carolean’s ranged attack value is 14, not 19. And its rate of fire is 2.0, not 2.5.

I believe there are some notes about this somewhere else in the forums. I suspect the post will be edited with the changes in short order. :slightly_smiling_face:

While they are at it, though, they should also edit this typo since it’s right front and center. :smile:

It’s ridiculous to me that they didn’t improve the horrific unit controls. That’s really the only thing I wanted in a remake. Age 3 was always a massive pain to micro because of the pathetic unit controls.

It says it enables Urumi from charminar ! But it didnt

Can anyone tell me why, as Chinese, I can only upgrade 4 units to Honored and Exalted status?
It is not in the balance changes.