Full list of Aztec buffs and nerfs in patches and possible fixes

Dahomey amazons have mele resist and is a skirmisher unit. so, there is no need for JPKs to have ranged resist.

The only Aztec unit that is capable of stopping large masses of melee heavy infantry is the JPK. if we remake the JPK we must ensure that it does not lose that capacity. Having melee resistance helps them fulfill that role.

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I don’t know… my hope was basically the devs would be watching the conversation and decided to change the JPK and everyone would see how it works from there.

I suppose you could try @ ing some people, but I don’t know if that would yield any results.

I would recommend making a copy of the mod with just the JPK changes. That’s the thing that probably needs to be changed the most imho and the other stuff only serves to muddy the discussion

ok 1 exception, and it was on the african patch where they played musical chairs with all the armour on everything. not sure I’d use that as anything other than a statistical outlier

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I’m convinced all this changes are justified:

  • Trickle in TP for strengthen the economy: Aztec economy and marketing tradition was strong.
  • ROF Promotion for Otontins and Range Promotion for Arrows to reduce the shots wasted.
  • JPK changes for find them a new niche.

However, I will make a mod for JPK changes only.

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I think the trickle from TPs is too much as currently suggested. 1w per second is 2 vills on wood. Add 1c per second and that’s roughly 1.4 vills. The food is only 1.2 or so. That adds up to ~4.6 vills added to the value of every trading post (an already valuable building) for a civ that already is very good at getting map control.

That would change the build order to something that involves getting one or more TPs in age 1 (you build two and it’s almost like having an age 1 factory).

I think that change alone would make Aztec OP. Adding such a massive early eco boost to a rush civ would make them too strong

The others are probably fine and might be needed, but I think it would be prudent not to buff them all at the same time. I think the JPK changes have to be done (whether it ends up with the exact stats suggested here or not). But they would be a massive change and allowing them to be tested alone as one of the only variables seems safer than buffing them massively and buffing Slingers and AKs too.

I think ERK + JPK would become a very strong combination because it would let JPK meat shield against Skirmisher fire for the ERKs which deal high damage.

I had suggested this in another thread, it would be more late game focused

As suggested the Temple might not be strong enough, if it needed to be buffed, adding units to the list of who can trigger the eco boost could work.

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Then, everyone would complain aztecs monocomp-ing, nerfing more both units…

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I think your Temple is a good idea. It will require a new building model and new code for augment the trickle accord the units killed. Aztecs may not receive very much attention.
=egarding my TP trickle, you are right. In early ages it will be OP. Where to put it to reinforce late game?

But you still will need Arrow (Cuextecatl rename, please?) Knights to fight (ehem, survive) artillery, Coyotes for a lighting attack, Otontins for distance and Puma if there are much cavalry (and possibly siege).

Like how it has been 15y??? Ridicoulous people complaining while aztec players always have been using all their units.

Right now we have Sweden with GG and Dutch with Highlanders. But hey, thats not monocomb.

Both units always have been counterable if not by numbers, by economy and their nerf to bonus vs infantry made no sense

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brb just gotta go nerf aztec again