Fully remapable hotkeys not working after patch

After this patch Is still not possible to:

  1. Select army by tag : selectall infantry, select all lightcalvry, select all siege, select all heavy melee calvry, select all handcanooners, etc.…
  2. We still have to select a key to contrusct and another for the building, this is not fully remappable hotkeys.
  3. The option to use the double x2 in a key is not working for any control group. SO you can not use 1 for all calvry and 1(2x) for all archers for example, so you end running out of keys.

This system is bad, 1 year since Beta now and we continue with a forced grid system.

  1. Key “A” not working neither, neither the mouse 3.

Come on, we report this during the pup, nothing has been fixed.

for the moment do two steps, select all the military units and choose with crtl + click the type of unit

Those two steps make everything super slow, Im using that is just very annoying.

I have configured the new pup hotkey, add to control group, so I always have archers, infantry and cavalry classified, which is more useful to me because I do not select the units that defend the base

you are right in the (x2) when you have used (x1) you cannot use (x2), in the grid it did not happen to me in certain cases