Fully remappable hotekeys not working after patch

After this patch Is still not possible to:

  1. Select army by tag : selectall infantry, select all lightcalvry, select all siege, select all heavy melee calvry, select all handcanooners, etc.…

  2. We still have to select a key to contrusct and another for the building, this is not fully remappable hotkeys.

  3. The option to use the double x2 in a key is not working for any control group. SO you can not use 1 for all calvry and 1(2x) for all archers for example, so you end running out of keys.

This system is bad, 1 year since Beta now and we continue with a forced grid system.

  1. Key “A” not working neither, neither the mouse 3.

Come on, we report this during the pup, nothing has been fixed.

Hey @DarkPsicopata! Could you give more information about what problems you are seeing with A and Mouse 3?

Can you go into detail here as well?