Fully remappable hotkeys issue

You can see every building in the configuration menu and set it’s hotkeys, but Dome of the faith is not there, is it?

This one is an interesting one. I believe Dome of Faith does exactly one thing—produce cheaper Scholars. It’s a specialized Mosque and will use the same hotkey that the Mosque does to produce them.

I’d love to hear some discussion around if this is something people feel is really needed other than just knowing it’s the same hotkey as it is in the Mosque.


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Maybe there is no need, but, what I wanted is to be able to SHIFT + Q produce 5 scholars from the dome of the faith, and did not realize the mosque was including the dome of the faith, my bad.

Here is what I mean: As far as I know since the last update there is an issue with fully remappable hotkeys that already has been reported, SHIFT + HOTKEY to produce 5 units does not work. I found a workaround to this in the forums which was to bind SHIFT + HOTKEY as secondary hotkey (for example spearman = Q main hotkey and SHIFT + Q secondary hotkey).

While this being a hassle, it works! this is how I found that there was not dome of the faith; so I thought I could not use the workaround there, all fine, thank you for your time.