Fully upgraded Kamandaran trash archers?

But the Persians no longer have Bombard Cannon, and Hand Cannonier. But keep Cannon Galleon and Elite Cannon Galleon.

Get bracer (It should make them a good navy civ now) and Arbalester. With Kamandaran, now the Persians can spam cheap fully upgraded archers in the late game. Maybe, the cost of Kamandaran should be quite costly before they can spam archers that only cost wood.

Late game, Persians can now spam fully upgraded trash Archers, Hussars, Halbs, and Skirms for their trash. They might need to lose Plate Mail Armor for their infantry as a light nerf to weaken their trash a little. Maybe even remove Halbs, and only give them Pikemen along with losing Plate Mail Armor.

Fully upgraded TRASH archer? How it can be trash? 11.