Fun but I have some key issues with it

I could call the game “Age of Artillery” as artillery barely has a weakness in this game. Focus on fast Bombard production and you basically dominate the game. Culverins barely do damage against them. Even Age of Empires 3 DE has more balance when it comes to unit counter.

I find the UI clean but it is very lacking of additional information, especially the minimap. I can barely see the symbols and resources on the minimap, I can’t keep track where my military units are at all times, and player score is missing. Compared to Age of Empires 2 DE this is lacking and that’s not good as this game is trying to simulate that game more than Age of Empires 3.

Lastly, my personal gripe in general is the lack of more unique units in mid/late game and more additional features within the gameplay. It just feels a bit barren and basic after coming from Age of Empires 3 DE. I’m not a fan of the generic unit/building/upgrade icons either. Overall I’m left feeling underwhelmed despite having some fun with it.


Cavalry is ideal for killing artillery. You need to bypass the mass of soldiers to be able to beat the enemy artillery. That is, it depends on your micro-gaming skill.

My opponents barely makes units, just enough to defend against early rush. They’re all booming for the mass bombard production. Currently testing this strategy out with several friends and online and its seems to an almost-guarantee win. Culverins also seems to be less effective than in Age 3 in warring of the siege weapons.

They outrange them and actually do pretty damn good dmg to most siege.

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Not enough range imo. I had 10 Bombards managing to blast off 5 culverins and still 4 Bombards managed to survive, and that includes the kiting tactic of my opponent with his culverins. So many micromanagement you have to do with the culverins and yet it’s nog enough for a huge advantage as an anti-siege unit. Similar cost/effectiveness issue I have with the trebuchet. Why spend precious resources on these when you can make Bombards which in general are more effective in everything?

if they were kiting properly you wouldn’t be able to hit them with your bombards thing is. Im not sure about the cost of both units as well. Is 5 culverins worth the same as 10 bombards?

They almost cost the same. With the similar amount of costs and population that Bombards take, and culverins and trebuchet being more situashonal and micro-intensive to be used effectively, it’s just more easier and efficient using Bombards instead.

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I found clicking on MVP units really difficult in this game from closed to open beta it improved but not by much.

I thought it was terrible, too. I believe they will solve this problem in the final version of the game.

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doubt it maybe post launch they’ll get to it, but not for launch time. They’re now busy ramping up COH3 production and promotion The CoH-Development Invitational 2021 - Company of Heroes 3

I agree with the lack of unit diversity. Feels like the unit roster is a little too lean for sure.

All you need is horse guys to counter archers, archers to counter troops and pikemen to counter horses.

Oh, and artillery to blow stuff up.

One of the biggest issue, even if it sounds odd coming from the developers of the so called “readability” is the non existent readability when you kill units, send cavalry to kill villagers you get no feedback of units killed since there are no corpses, ja! many people here saying that corpses and blood are not needed in game and defending the removal of those basic features, now I realized how much needed are corpses for readability reasons, you have no clue how many units you killed. this is a big issue.

Corpses is a core feature of an RTS and should be kept it adds readability! ( I am starting to hate this word, thanks relic)


Has i see it, bombard should have a cost for each time it fire.

The bullet of the bombard was literaly filled whit presious gun powder, that explode on impact, at only long range.

It was a wall destroyer, not a field gun.

You only bring a few bullet needed to destroy the wall.

Also, units, friend or enemy, should die on impact.

I think it is weird how effectively they are used on the field in this game and how they overpower other siege units. There is no reason for doing trebuchets or culverins.
I think a god nerf would be to increase its reloading time.