Fun with making Walled Compounds Complexes


Bored playing AoE III playing for a long time??? not an issue any more try out this realistic concept constructing walls around seperately economic, military and social buildings. By this you can create amazing walled complexes, compunds just like barricades, fortresses. You can add on outposts inside the corner of the walled complex, so that it will be an armed fortress. Walled complexes are best suited for the defense of your entire colony. You can also create a network of wallls which conects from one compound to another through gates.

Each wall cost 5 wood only

By creating walls and selecting each segment of the walls, there comes the option of adding on gates. Gates needs to be carefully add on effective directions, because gates had -100 less hitpoints as compared to a wall. Hope you find this article very intresting job to try out in AoE III.


You could add some images to show the community your creative constructions.


Yep Thanks soon got your point appericiate