[Funny] Balance relic team

Each time they nerfed something, it totally disappeared, or very very rare you see it.

  1. Horse archers
  2. Demoship
  3. Fire lancer
  4. Stone tower
  5. Mangonel
    Who is the next call from relic ??
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I’ve recently seen an uptick in mangonel use. They can actually demolish ranged blobs. Even one of them are quite punishing. And everyone is using ranged blobs now so. You can spread them out, but it may cause the backline not being able to fire on your units because they are out of range. Also it works on archers hiding in tight places to avoid cav.

Stone walls are now weaker than ever.

It is very sad because one of the good new features of AOE4 was placing units on walls.

But why should you do that when bombards shoot stone walls away like nothing? They are also hard to stop because they are strong against units and buildings.

It is now not really worth building stone walls and placing units on it. Very sad :frowning:

Usually what the comunity wants to , despite the popular belief that the devs don’t listen.

So i think the next in line are the longbowmen. Hope they wont be overnerfed.

Question is , whats the thing that becomes powerful with the longbowmen nerf.?

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(Lol joke)

Perhaps the mangonel is buffed slightly against ranged units. With that upgrade, that siege unit would be at its balance imo.

I’ve seen the horse archers in competitive lately, they are still a good unit, they cost the same as the crossbowman (wood instead of gold), but instead of having a bonus against heavy units, they have it in speed.

Perhaps with the Demo they have gone a bit too far, I couldn’t say exactly.

We would have to investigate how to use the stone towers and fire spears as a goal.

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Please be ranged units!

This is not true at all.

  1. Horse archers are still very good units and people still definitely use them. Difference is now rus armies are not made from only horse archers and nothing else.
  2. Demoship could have disappeared because its bad or because naval maps are not even on the map pool anymore. As far as i know they could still be viable against ships, but not against land units.
  3. Fire lancer are very weak against military units, but still good at raiding and anti-building. Maybe give them back their bonus vs ranged units so people can use them in fights too.
  4. Stone towers totally needed a nerf and I am very glad that i havent seen those in my games. Very few people still use it as part of their walls which is how it should be used, but the way it was used before the patch was ridiculous and would just ruin the game.
  5. Mangonels just need a bonus damage vs ranged units.