Anyone else think it’s silly fusiliers have 5.5 movement speed? They’re ridiculously op in my opinion.
Getting fusilier lamed in team games is getting old. Not even mass spies call kill them.


They also incredibly expensive with armour made of wet paper.


OP or NOT, BUT sure its pretty lame TBH !!! and definitely can be re-looked :confused:

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Maybe skirmishers or cannons?

Add x 0,10 vs vills and were good


Amen, you are a true Chad sir, much respect.

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Yeah the 3 fusilier raiders the swedes rush with frequently are tough to deal with. The group one shot vils and are so fast.


They are very fun to use but I rarely see anyone else use them.

I don’t see it more of a problem then 4 axe riders or 5 raiders. Raiding is a good option when up against a boom

They cost gold + a shipment to send and you only get 3 of them as well.

I think the issue is not so much with the fusiliers, but with their counter. Spies should have a ranged attack, it is ridiculous that they are expected to effectively counter much faster, ranged and high HP units with only melée attack. One suggestion I made in another thread is that spies should be granted a ranged snipe attack that needs to be recharged and which could enable them to one shot low HP mercs and 2-shot the higher HP mercs and explorers.

For goodness sake, their very profile image shows them with a gun, and yet they only attack with melée knives.


If the spies did have a ranged attack a lot would have to change about them. WOL understood this and made them 3 pop and expensive with the range attack behind a tech.
Spies have the potential to dominate mercs, so even little tweaks to how they function could upset the balance. Mercs are a lot of fun for people, having that option neutralised wouldn’t be so popular. I’m not surprised the developers change merc shipment numbers and costs rather than revamping spies

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this is the inevitable result of having a merc previously only shippable in age 4 being added to the ever poorly-designed swedes in age 2 for absolutely no good reason


Yes, my problem with the fusiliers is just their speed. 5.5 is simply too much. If it was 4.5 I’d be fine.

I have my doubts that massed spies lose to massed fusiliers with equal population.

My friend and me uses Fusiliers. He is a sweden main, he raids and defends with 3 Fusilier, but that doesnt feel OP or LAME.

Though he is much pro-er than me.

It starts to feel lame , when in late game, he starts printing many fusiliers , by using them for raids and make them , to turn the tables around of the match , completely.