Future buffs, nerfs and feature suggestions

Since I am looking that Steppe lancers were given to the Mongols (and affected by the Light Cavalry HP) and the Berber, Goth, Teuton, Tatar and Vietnamese buffs I will share my ideas for future things (For both Historical Accuracy and Balance)

  • Bulgarians: Reduce the HP of Kreposts and increase its cost by 100 stone and lower the attack of Konniks to 9, 12 for elite (Reason: SOTL and even TheViper proved that Konniks are too strong even after the nerf)
  • Byzantines: give them free town patrol.
  • Celts: Stronghold should affects Town centers (Reason: their low defenses)
  • Chinese: Petards affected by the DMShip bonus.
  • Cumans: The cavalry speed bonus should be like the Celtic one (15% faster starting at the feudal age).
  • Indians: Give them back the +1 melee armor for camels (not sure why they remove it) and increase the attack of the Elite Elephant archer by 1.
  • Khmer: Battle Elephant speed bonus affecting Ballista Elephants (Reason: as I can see in the Pro scene some players complain that the unit is useless in some situations). and Tusk Swords giving +4 attack instead of +3 (to match Lithuanian Paladin).
  • Lithuanians: Tower Shields must give +1/+1 armor.
  • Magyars: maybe getting Bombard Cannons (personal one, the Magyar Black Army included a lot of firearms).
  • Persians: They need to make honor of the Safavid Persia, one of the gunpowder empires so giving to them Bombard Cannons and Hand Cannoners 20% more speed would be a nice touch for their imperial age (also turns persians into a Cavalry and Gunpowder civ). the other one would be the old Boiling Oil effect turned into their civ bonus (But affecting towers and Town Centers, and the damage extended against any siege weapon so a Cuman player will cry a lot).
  • Tatars: Increase the cost of the Keshik by +15 food (Too much power at a very low cost) but give +1 attack to the elite, Silk armor should affect Steppe lancers and giving also +1/+1 armor.
  • Teutons: The new bonus should be like the malian one (+1 melee armor per age).
  • Vikings: Possibly I will be hated but Bersekergang could give a HP regeneration to Barrack units (lower than Berserks of course).

Regarding features:

  • Medals for historical battles as well difficulty swords.
  • Displayed hotkeys (Toggeable)
  • More Art of War scenarios (especially with micromanaging and water strategies)
  • Display the year of the campaigns.
  • Option to start a quick single player game (random settings, players, civs, modes and maps)
  • Option to start playing the Campaigns and Historical battles in several forms (such as Chronological order, mixing both, randomly, or just in one side).
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Bulgarians are rarely played right now. I don’t think they need a nerf. A specific unit being strong is no problem as long as the civ as a whole is fine (see Spanish and Conqs for example)

Doesn’t change a lot, but decent idea. Wouldn’t mind it

I like this one. Tech tech is rarely used right now afaik, but push it a bit more, but certainly will not have too much of an impact.

Decent idea as well, since Petards are only used in very niche situations right now. Only problem is that Chinese a certainly not in a spot where they need any kind of buff right now.

That’s a bad idea and would make their scout rush way too strong.

I think that might be decent as well. I’d be rather careful with the armor for camels though. I’m not sure if the change really did too much, but Indians were pretty strong back then. I’d not be totally against that change though.

Khmer are in a really good spot right now and their Battle Elephants are already aguably the strongest. I surely wouldn’t buff them. Speed bonus for Ballista Elephants sounds decent though.

Probably a good idea. Right now it’s really expensive for what it does. Also Lithuanians are not too strong right now.

I’d really like that since I like Magyars. Their lategame is already pretty strong though. I’m not sure if buffing that further is a good idea. Rather give them some tiny bonus for Castle Age.

Persians are one of the best, quite possibly the best civ right now. Buffing them is a terrible idea!

Tatars are pretty weak right now, so I wouldn’t nerf them. I do also think that Keshiks are somewhat slept on right now though.
Doesn’t Silk Armor only give +0/+1? I’d keep it that way, but it affecting Steppe Lancers might be a good idea.

Wait how it plays out first. Civs without good ranged unit but have a lot of trouble dealing with that.

I actually though about that too, since I like regeneration. Vikings are in a good spot right now though and especially their Champions are extremely cost effective if fully upgraded. I don’t think buffing that any further is a good idea, even though i do agree it would be a cool change.

None if it is important, but actually they’re all decent suggestions.

Overall I did not like everything you came up with, but there are quite some nice thoughts in there. Refreshing to see a post like this here which is not just full of ridiculous suggestions^^

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