Future Civilizations DLC should be free in RANKED games

We must get as far away as possible from the term “Pay to win” and better open the E-Sport scene. Those who want to compete against other players, equally/fairly, should be able to play with and against civs they haven’t bought.

Out of Rankeds, let them charge what they want.


why does everyone in this world want EVERYTHING for free. Do you go to stores and ask for free food because life shouldn’t be “Pay to win”? Get a job, buy stuff you want. Most dlc in aoe is like 10$. If you can’t afford 10$ every few months for a game you play then you have bigger problems in life. 10$ is less than the cost than a movie. Its the cost of a trip to a fast food place for one person. Stop asking for free stuff. The devs don’t work for free. If your boss asked you to work for free would you??


Read well, mate. I think it’s okay to charge for content, but pay-to-win shouldn’t exist in the e-sport scene. As simple as that. There are young people who don’t have much money at the moment and perhaps can’t afford it.

P.S: In SC2 only the expansions have been charged for casual content. E-sports shouldn’t be paid, maybe you just don’t care about the competitive scene.

cosmetic like dota and other f2p games…

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No :rage: Future civilizations should absolutely not be free for ranked games / competitive players :rage:

Competitive players shall in no way be favored against casual players. It is enough that, apart from Season 1, only patches for competitive players have been released since the release. Season 2 is also almost exclusively designed for competitive players. Instead of modding events, expensive e-sport tournaments are made for competitive players, which make the game not better. Paying for a DLC is not pay to win. You can still play with and against the old Civs. Maybe you have longer for a match to find but you can still climb the rank ladder up.

In addition, the money for DLCs promotes the further development of the game.

If the product they offer is good, players of all kinds (who can afford it) will end up paying for the DLC, whether or not the civs are free in Ranked. The system of buying civs (which will be broken and will end up being Pay to Win) is anti-competitive.

There is a lot to learn about Starcraft and F2P games. This system does not favor a good E-Sport game. Pay-To-Win kills any RTS (and more genres).

Younger players who want to rank and don’t have money will have fewer options.