Future features I peraonally want!

I am a big fan of AoE: Rise of Rome and I really love this rts franchise. I’m also a member of Vietnamese-Chinese AoE community, which I think is the only really active AoE 1(Rise of Rome) community at the moment, with hundreds of thousands active players. Those below are the features I and my friends in the comunity really want to be included in the AoE: Definitive Edition:

  1. Farm cheat.
    If you don’t know, this is actually a bug in early versions of AoE 1, when we can choose multiple farms and a farmer, and we press S or click Stop and boom, all the nearly-exhaused farms are now full of food. But this bug is actually accepted in common players and ALL the professional games in Viet Nam and China until now. Please make this bug an option so we can choose to toogle it on or not as we want.
  2. Viewer Mode.
    Basically a mode similar to the viewer mode in League of Legends, where a limited number of people can watch a game among other players without affecting the game, with the options of who to watch, or to display the parameters or not, etc, with a few minutes delay from live games.
    This will really help in shoutcasting games. At present, the casters must directly watch players’ screens and cast, which is very inconvenient and may cause problems because they need to use others third party softwares to assist their castings, which happens every days (you can visit Vietnam Game TV Youtube channel, it broacasts tens of games every day of the top players of Vietnam, especially Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng, the Faker of AoE 1). This viewer mode will help them simplify their works a lot and prevent manr problems to occurs.
  3. Replay mode
    A common game feature atm, which helps you save and replay the games you played or watched, so you can earn more experiences and avoid mistakes in the future.
    Those are the features I want AoE: DE to have most! What about you? Do you agree with those or not? And do think of any feature you want this remake game to have?
    P/s: Please pardon my bad English!

I agree with ideas 2 and 3 but 1 not so much. With the new game mechanics introduced it will not be more “accurate” to use this bug, because the game will have its gameplay more refined according to the new tendencies of the genre, and it falls between us, I do not want a game with bugs!

I doubt you will have an option to use such a bug given it was probably already patched. It kind of defeats the purpose of needing wood to build farms lol

Replays and casting would be a nice feature, however. Replays would allow people to voice over better if they are not as good at on-the-fly casting.

An original balance mod would be great for those who want nothing changed except the graphics, let’s just hope we get a good ‘workshop’ that supports all kinds of mods.

If they are professionals I think they could pay 75 wood for each farm
Nevertheless ideas 2 and 3 are good