[future_live] Select idle Villagers in Radius not always work

This is really awesome concept. It seems it selects a closest group of idle villagers. This way I can avoid my villagers to run across entire map because I selected all of them and they happen to be everywhere. Usually it works really well, but sometimes it breaks and don’t want to select anything. I created a game with just me without any opponents and building multiple TCs all around the map to reproduce this problem:

I’m not sure if it something weird with my hotkey setup. Sometimes I have a group of villagers in the middle of my screen, but the hotkey does nothing. Select all idle villagers does work in those cases.

My setup:
I have [Select Idle Villagers in Radius] bound to [Space]
[Select all idle Villagers] bound to [Ctrl+Space]
[Focus on Selected Unit(s)] = double click on [Space [x2]] as secondary key.

Selection [Idle Villager] = [Select only]

I guess it’s a bug, so I’ll create the post in the bugs forum.