Future of German speaking countries in the game (Poll)

The poll is not loking too well for the people who say a German split would help funding future DLC’s. If anything, it would take money away from possible alternatives

Your Reddit poll shows 63% of people are in favour of splitting Germany. Unlike this poll yours actually gave a full range of options so I’d say it’s reasonably accurate.

Overall, the average person is extremely ignorant of the topic. That’s why you get a bunch of nonsense opinions like making a Prussian revolution or saying the civ is clearly Prussia just because of the leader. A few superficial changes to make the current Germans into Austria is by far the least disruptive way to make the change.

I’d like to see some non-European content first, but it would be great if they eventually got around to making both Prussia and Austria a reality. It would pave the way for some awesome European campaigns by having both present.


State age up is a unique characteristic of Rev Nations, as stated by the devs when people wanted to add it to the Italians


If anything, this poll proves even harder than there’s no interest for a German split AND that the people who want a split consider that Prussia is alreay in the game, as the Germans and that Austria should be added

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This poll proves nothing. It’s a poll of “no change” vs “add Austria”. Just another uninformed person annoying everyone with a low quality split Germany post.


I’m thinking that maybe you could do a survey and select options as you will. I’m not saying this in a mean way, BTW. I totally mean it

I don’t want to spam the form with surveys. The Reddit one had plenty of votes and the full range of options. The majority of people want a German split.

I’d expect most of the no votes are not actually against a German split.

  1. Many are against any changes that would disrupt the current civ. That’s not an issue if the change is limited to renaming the leader, home city, and a couple upgrades.

  2. A developer doesn’t like it. We hardly get any info on the state of the game so anything they do say gets blown massively out of proportion.

  3. Many are afraid it would take away from the development of other civs. It is unlikely they’d make 2 European expansions in a row so this is not a huge concern. Splitting Germany doesn’t need to be a priority, it would just be nice if it was an eventual consideration.

  4. Many are sick of hearing repeated requests for a German split and want it to stop.

If we actually did get a new Prussia and renamed Austria it’s not like anyone would be upset.


What do you mean, if we got a german split the native civ and Indian split advocates would be in full uproar.

Ultimately, the key issue here is that its a game despite some people’s push to make it a historical simulator, and most people havent heard why this would make the game better
In fact, polls of “give x option” are often terrible to gauge actual interest because without price and knowing effect on game on whole how can people accurately make a choice? A vauge “more is good” approach sounds appealing but look at malta which was popular choice before to be added but boy did people turn when malta came before other civs.

In short to actually gauge willingness in a aurvey you need to add choices such as “adding 2 german civs would enhance over all aoe3 experience” or “i want german civs before other items such as x y z etc”

Also, people who take surveys arent always representational. Most people play the game woth miminal if any particaption on social media platforms

Its fun to dream but the actual implementation would be far more nuanced imho


Except maybe the people who think we alreay have Prussians

It would be the same uproar if we got literally any other civ. It has nothing to do with Germany. India split advocates would be very pleased if they demonstrated they were willing to split up the bloated umbrella civs. Germany is far easier to split so it would make sense to do them first.

No informed person thinks that. And if it was done they’d become informed that they were wrong. The current Germans are the HRE. Prussia is outside of the HRE and only has representation via Frederick the Great.


And Berlin, being the capital of Brandemburg

Since the devs won’t split the Germans how about leaving the German civ as it is now and just adding the Austro-Hungarian Empire as a new civ? This potential civ has been proposed in other threads. At its peak the empire had a population of 50,800,000 (1914), it held territories in what today are twelve different European countries, about fifteen languages were spoken and eleven nationalities were officially recognized. An Austro-Hungarian civ should reflect this diversity and could include units, cards and technologies from the current Hungarian revolution and the Habsburg Royal House. Instead of choosing politicians to advance in Age players would choose from a set of Crown Lands representing the different regions of the empire (Bohemia, Moravia, Trieste, Dalmatia, etc.), similar to the Federal States system of the US and Mexican civs. Each Crown Land would incorporate access to regional units (either as trainable units or mercenary shipments cards). The capital should be Vienna and the personality could be Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. So does anybody else wants to see Austria-Hungary as a civ or is it just me? :slight_smile:


Berlin is in the HRE and the current German capital. It would be included with or without Prussia.

There’s also reference to Needle Guns and recently general Scharnhorst and the house of Hohenzollern. But all that is trivial to change.

Up until the latest German rework, the civ was passable being united. But the latest changes really bloated it by trying to cram way too much into a single civ. Stuff like Landwehr are completely redundant and would be better as content in a new civ. And there’s a whole plethora of possible campaigns and scenarios if both Prussia and Austria were in the game.


So you want a civ that represents things from across central Europe like Bohemia, Poland, and the Alps? It’s almost like that’s already in the game.

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The keyword is ALMOST. So like you said the current German civ is bloated. Transfer some of its content to a new Austrian civ.

You’re right that those regions are already implicit in the game and to be honest I play the Germans trying to catch the feel and spirit of the Austrians. I think adding Austria-Hungary is a more modest and achievable proposal than asking for the Guarani civ that I also want but will never see :disappointed:


The much easier option would be to transfer a handful of superficial things to a Prussian civ. With a new home city and leader the current Germans are essentially Austria. You could go a little further such as giving them Pandours as unique skirms or giving them access to Magyar Hussars, but going too far all at once ends up creating a bunch of grumpy German mains.


At this point I would settle for any new content and I would gladly pay for a new DLC. But do the developers really have the time and resources to add either Prussia or Austria in the near future? It seems they are busy right now trying to rescue Return of Rome (which I am loving it!)

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I don’t think there’s any overlap between AoE2 and AoE3 devs. The AoE3 devs are mostly busy with the new AoM.


they said it repeatedly, its not a one off thing.

would it help if tilanus came here and directly told you “NO”?

even within europe it would be a real shame to get prussians above poles or danes, like sorry those nation deserve representation much more than any german split does.

it also just ignores the fact that splitting the faction would in some shape or form mean destroying an existing one.

few things about reddit:

  1. they are super pro euro expansion, more than the forums.

  2. you ask a question one day and ask it 2 days later you will get wildly different answers.