Gaia buildings still being able to be converted by player even after changing ownership

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Changing property of a Gaia building to a non human player through trigger makes the human player able to still capture that building, even if it has already switched property.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Place a Gaia building in scenario editor.
  2. Make a trigger changing ownership of the building to another AI player.
  3. Start the game and go where the Gaia building is: it will become yours even if it’s not Gaia anymore.

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The Gaia building converted to the AI player should remain to that player even if you reach it with a unit.

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Yep, unfortunately it always been so in the game. Gaia units & buildings are meant to be only controlled by the player, so that when ownership transfers to another player, the game doesn’t understand it, and still considers the Object as a Gaia Object, hence why once a player-controled unit comes by, it switches to his control still.

There are work arounds:

  1. You could use a Torch (convertable) hidden under neutral building (you can for instance place a building controlled by any player, make it change ownership to Gaia player through triggers, then it switches to Gaia but cannot be captured anymore): when the torch is captured (use the Objects in Area condition to check), make another effect that switches ownership of the building. Once the building is captured, make another effect that removes the torch, so that if the building is destroyed you won’t see the torch under it.
    The plus side of this trick is that the Torch (convertable) is able to be captured back and forth by the Player and any AI players over and over, so you can make buildings switch sides indefinitely.

  2. Simply place the building as any player, transfer it to Gaia like in 1. so it isn’t capturable anymore, then simply use a Change Ownership effect with a double condition: one Object Visible condition linked with a Condition Separator “OR” to another Object in Area condition, that would check if any unit of the Player comes close enough to the building while the Player is watching (because Object Visible only checks for Objects visible on screen at the moment, not Objects simply scouted outside the Player’s screen).


Those are very smart solutions. The reason why I placed a Gaia building only to transfer it to another player is mostly aesthetical, like I wanted them to have a certain kind of building because it would have fit better but it was not of the same architecture of none of other civs in game.

Not related to this but since I have a couple of other issues and you seem the right person to ask is it ok if I write them here or should I start other topics?

Sure man, happy to help if I can, maybe start a topic in Discussion sub-forum, and I’ll hop by.

PS: For aesthetic building placement when I want a specific set of architecture, what I do is usually find a way to have at least one player have, if not the corresponding civilization, at least the corresponding architecture (set in Players pannel), and then change ownership of the building first second in-game.

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Yeah I know but I couldn’t do that in this specific case because all players already had their architectures… it’s an odd situation, basically I wanted to put a central European monastery in north Africa but couldn’t give that architecture to anyone because it didn’t fit.
So I made Gaia Huns (also because I needed to place their wonder in a ruined African Roman city) but that leads to the issue.

Ehi there, I created two new topics for some issues that I had. I’d be glad if you could help me! Thanks again.