Gaia Civilisation changes when capturing Monument on custom rms

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  • **GAME BUILD #:**101.101.56005.0 7694700
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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On custom random map scripts in which set_gaia_civilization is used, when playing on King of the Hill, when the Monument is captured for the first time, the gaia civilisation changes to another (seemingly random) civilisation.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Obtain/write a random map script in which set_gaia_civilization is used.
  2. Play a King of the Hill skirmish. (I’ve only tested on single player.)
  3. Capture the Monument, e.g. using your Scout.
  4. Observe that the appearance of the Monument changes to the style of another civ.

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The Monument was supposed to use the same graphic before and after capture, using the civilisation set in the random map script.

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Here is a screenshot from before the Monument is captured. This rms file has set_gaia_civilization 17 in the player setup:

Here is a screenshot immediately after capture:

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SP Replay v101.101.56005.0 @2022.01.11 203254.aoe2record (523.4 KB)

What happens if red takes control of it now? Does it stick as the Malian wonder? I would assume so, but if it changed again that could be interesting. The easiest way to test this would be to move your scout away, press ctrl-shift-f2 to take control of the red player.

Yes, it only changes once - if Red captures it, and if Blue subsequently recaptures it, it stays the same.

It doesn’t always change to a Malian one though - other times I had it change to others, e.g. Bohemian, Malay. I think it’s just random. It not specific to this map script either.

Yeah, you explained that already.

Did you test it with on of the official map scripts?

Yes, and this didn’t happen - but I’m not aware of any that use set_gaia_civilization.