Galleons much cheaper now but Galleon-types for other civs in need of buff for competitive parity

So over a couple patches Galleons went from being 300w 500c down to 300w 300c, a total reduction of around 25%. This is because Galleons weren’t really that great when they were so expensive. However, Galleon-style ships for other civs have retained the costs they had since the launch of DE and are now comically bad compared to Galleons. “Galleon-style” meaning “resistant to building fire and can train troops”, so I’m not counting the Battle Canoe for example. Galleon-style includes the:

  • Fluyt (it’s special difference from the Galleon was that it used to be much cheaper, now it’s the same price)
  • Steamer (comically overpriced, I know it can fish and build docks and go fast but it’s just absurdly expensive)
  • Atakabune (same as the Fluyt pretty much, stats difference not really compensated)
  • ####### (kinda, though this is also a Frigate) - EDIT: Chinese age 3 ship
  • Galleass (closer in time to modern Galleon pricing, might be fairly costed but idk how good it really is)

Anyway, do y’all think these ships are all in a good place or not? Do you build them and find the investment is worthwhile?


I don’t know which is worse, having to pay for a steamer or only getting to ship 2 war canoes when other civs ship 2 caravels.

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A little off-topic, i’m trying to guess what this was supposed to be xD

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The chinese ship I think.


Oops, just hit submit and didn’t re-check it after posting. It’s the Chinese age 3 ship as OriginalKnot guessed at.