[Game Balance] Please remove the free Heavy Cannons from the factories

The amount of unfairness is HUGE, especially when you play 1v1 ranked as a Native American civ vs an European civ. People just mass FREE overpowered heavy cannons and it’s GG.
What does the natives get for FREE ?? Don’t even say anything about big buttons. Those aren’t INFINITE.

It’s not fair and it kills all the fun.
Please DO SOMETHING against this lame strategy. Also for the ones that think they are PROs, please keep your advices for you. I know all the counters for each unit. The amount of resources a NATIVE civ spends to counter those stupid cannons is HUGE and their ECO sucks hard in late game. Also the cavalry bad pathing makes the killing even harder.


Don’t some civs have consulates to get factories for that? I know China has Russian Consulate for factory.

Aboriginal nations should end the game before the opponent enters the Industrialize age

that cannot happent on 3vs3…

On all the things they could work on, you choose something nobody ever raged on for 16 years man. ^^

Training canns from factory is the slowest things ever + you don’t get eco at the same time. Lakota and Inca are so lame that I don’t think it’s even the start of a problem.


Chinu runners for inca and the slinger dudes that deal bonus damage to artillery.
Coyote runner for aztecs
The entirely of Lakota counter artillery.

Cannons are very easy to counter in DE.

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Heavy canon are not free actually. You don’t gain ressources from the factory while producing it. Most civ can counter heavy canons efficiently and factory can easily be destroyed. I don’t want to be rude, but I think yoi should try to improve at this game before yelling “it’s not balance”


I don’t think it’s a matter of removing cannons.

The best way to improve diversity is removing the second factory. Any autogathering/ self-production in this game has got a twisted view from me.
99% of decks have two factories in AGE4 however Industrial is an age with powerful techs and units but unfortunately the staples won’t let players risk their deck.

There aren’t that much intresting card age 4 to be honest

The only native civ that probably has issues with heavy canons are aztecs.
Lakota has siege dance which is even more broken as they can simply ignore your army and go for your eco and kill your whole base before you can kill theirs
Inca has a "cav unit that doesn’t get snared and hauds have their light canons.
Factories have been there for 16 years and never been a source of complaint and its part of the identity of the euro civs.
Also heavy canons are not free as you are pretty much giving up the equivalent of having 10 extra vills to keep producing these.


Even if you remove heavy canons from the factory that wouldnt change anything, in that case you could easily build an artillery foundry and use the resources from the factory to create the slightly worse horse artillery that has the pro that is way faster to train and you can train 5 units at once. And in this case let me tell you something, if you are already strugling to kill heavy cannons, the slowest art unit in the game (not counting bombard because is produced the same way) you wont have chance with the speed of the horse artillery, even more when the oponent enters imperial age and has more than enough eco to train stacks of 5 horse artillery as soon as you kill the ones before. Is not for nothing that is always a devate if horse artillety is more worth it than heavy artillery.

PD.: sorry for my crap english


In my honest opinion, Horse Guns should never have made it into the game, on civs that have Falconets.

They are just literally better Falconets, are OP for their price range, and cost the same to upgrade as Falcs.

What is the point of Falcs in Industrial, then?

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For one, falcs don’t get bugged with that pack/unpack thingy as often as horse artillery.

Horse artillery is unusable by now.

Never got that.
Seems like they where originally planned as unique units for Sweden but now they are just better Falcs.
Being faster and stronger is a dumb design. I think they should be faster but weaker and cost the same resources and population.
Than it’s a real choice if not a super interesting one.

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I think they should have been Super Falcs, as they are, but only for civs that lack Falcs, so they could only get it in Industrial Age.

For example, Portuguese could get it since the Organ Gun is worse than a Falconet and does not replace it, and Swedes could get it if they lost the Falconet to keep the Leather Cannon as an earlier option.
Maybe even Ottomans too, if they lost Falcs to justify Abus Guns, and got a regular Skirmisher unit in the Barracks.

As it is, it is just a better Falconet, and makes Falcs weird.

You are advancing to the next age and have access to better tech.
With better tech comes better units so falcs may become obsolete which is fine.
They still cheaper.
Going for a batch of 5 falcs and you spend 500 gold less than if u go for a batch of 5 horse artillery.
Kinda like most civs with musks.
You go age 3 and the unit becomes obsolete because ranged cav is just better.
These things are part of a mechanic that has been there for ages and there is no reason for changing it.
Horse artillery and heavy canons are part of euro civs identities and this is the first time I have seen someone having an issue with them when there are far worse game breaking issues going on


Heavy canon are not free actually. You don’t gain resources from the factory while producing it.

Think again.
France 80 settlers x 1.25
Germany: 100 regular settlers + 20 settler wagon that are basically a 2 vill composition (nothing to complain here though due to many reasons which all Germany players know)
Great Britain: 100 settlers
Portugal: 100 settlers
Ottoman: 100 settlers

Only DUTCH rely on Factories since their eco is not that great.
Meanwhile, Lakota and Haudenshaunee need at least 10 SETTLERS for the Market Plaza or how it’s called to boost their civ. SETTLERS that don’t gather and who don’t produce OP heavy cannons.
Also 6 heavy cannons can blast any sort of cavalry, especially in SUP if well guarded.
Also most of the native Americans can’t compete with the ammount of heavy cannons spawned because of their worse late game eco…
You just need to be the better player to win. Meanwhile, the Euro player beats you without any effort if he reacheas Industrial.

Yep, don’t forget a lakota can simply ignore the main army and siege dance the euro civs base, including factories so its not as easy as it seems.
The only downside for most native civs is the units costing wood.
There is no reason to eliminate something that has been part of the game for 16 years and so far nobody complained.
Learn to play the game, and how to deal with them instead of crying about a mechanic that almost nobody else has an issue with
lakota has a lot of ways to deal with heavy canons, including the explorer op ability yo 1shot them.
Same for haudenoshaune too which have very cheap and mobile canons of their own on age 4 which act as culvs
Both civs also have a lot of ways to prevent the enemy from even reaching the point where they can age up safely to age 4.


There are plenty! But their balance is quite bad!