Game batle strategy

Since open beta, a few people came up whit new game batle strategy.

You can post them here.

My favorite one, since open beta, is to send a ram on enemy gate and to send a siege tower, full of archer and 4 pikemen, on the enemy wall, beside the enemy the gate.

Enemy always send its cavalery to attack the ram, making a big ball of units at the gat, unable to pass the gate, since only the first few units are attacking the ram.

I use my 4 pikemen to kill one cavalery one at the time, from the door of the gate, and i let my archer help them.

The cavalery ignore my attacking pickmen, because they receave order of the player to focus on attacking the ram.

Then, the enemy swordmen always arrive late, whit a few archers.

At that point, i focus my archers on the enemy archers first, then the enemy swordmen.

The swordmen got troubles passing the cavalery ball at the gate, keeping my pickmen and archer safe.

My ram will die, but the enemy units will die, leaving me whit more the enouf archer to kill villager conter attack and let my surviving pickmen build new ram.

The first conter would be to let cavalery go out from a other gate and attack the ram, allowing swordmen on the wall.

The second good conter would be to build a other gate or tower, to let swordmen up the wall, pass the cavalery ball.

Do you have any other great batle strategy for age of empire 4 to share?


There was once this mangonel builder guy…

He mass produce mangonel and kill any units on the wall and destroy ram.

Clearely unbalanced game, since enemy units and buildings had immunity to mangonel attack.