Game being hacked

despite of having such huge eco he was out producing army in speed with like slowest start and losing vills getting rushed i watched rec somehow i managed to win
Ldrago Is me ofcourse
but it looked like he hacked i watched rec as well
Microsoft community should take a look if the game can be hacked or not
also there is one more problem going out there Player drops from game when losing and the winner get no points on ladder

review this as well


on his view lock the score differs as well and i seen rec his 40 paladins suddenly appeared without even being garrisoned or produced inside building

Are you sure that you played with the filter cheats disabled?

that was ranked game

ranked games are anti cheat

They should be indeed, but it’s necessary to ask because that wasn’t clear yet in your post.

Must be very frustrating to experience for sure. It’s good to report it here.

For 20 minutes, a game, you killed 609 units and lose 460 units. What was that game- DEATH MATCH ???
If it is a death match, from what you post, it seems a normal game.

■■■■ I was wondering for a second how he had 5 castles with that stone, seems I’m still sleepy when I didn’t even think about DM lol. :smiley: Was about to say the OP is cheat himself x]

Seems like the units score that he hacked into the existence appears in the society score but still you are getting a star with the lesser score. So the game doesn’t accept them into the society score in the way of measuring who gets the star, but still gives the score into that segment. Odd. But might be a key to finding out how he hacks.

Can you post the recorded game?

i am unable to find recorded game file if you can help me out why not

Hi, you can find the filename in the Replays tab (look for a replay with the players in question). Then click the “Open Saved Games Folder” button, the file will be in there.

Be aware, though: the forum doesn’t let you upload files with the .aoe2recording extension. My suggestion is for you to change the game extension to .txt by renaming it. Once we download it, we can rename the file back to normal and check your game.