Game bugged

hi there,
my game bugged and showing black screen, i reinstalled game but still showing then i tried on laptop and also getting the same problem.

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If you haven’t access the Single Player ot Campaign menu, try this walkaround:
Go to the Editor first, then navigate back to the Main menu. And then go to Random map or Campaign.

this will work only for single player not for online, or i want to play online.

After you return from Editor, pregame scenario appears again and everything works fine.

Has this problem occurred recently? or since you acquired the game?

recently, I was in lobby and just went afk for 1 mint and host started the game then i came back and saw map graphics low and i came back to main menu and all showing black screen.

@Chickenland1936 what to do next, now single player working but not online.

Do you use any mods or nopregamescenario launch command?

I use normal mod like villager count mod, etc. i have never used theme change mod.
i just downloaded pirated version and pirated version is working fine.
i think my “steam_api” file bugged

Disable all your mods, followed by that go to Settings and create a new player profile, delete the old one if you want, but use the new one.


ahh thank you @AL6984 and @Chickenland1936 its work :smiley:
i just changed the profile and it working fine but i lost my rating, but no problem.

Thank you again.

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I’m glad to hear you can play again :slight_smile: