Game cannot start up second time after 1st time with Enhance Graphics Mode on(Latest update)

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34793.0.0)
  • Platform (Microsoft Store)


The Game does not start up again once opened the game with Enhance graphics mode on last time
The Game will be normal when disable the Enhance graphics mode on game-in settings

Reproduction Steps:

  1. start-up the game & play the game with enhance graphics on at 1st time(normally play)
  2. exit the game
  3. the game will not start up again(3-Man logo can be seen, but after that no response)
    4.The Temporary measure is to reset the game on “apps & feature” of windows 10 “settings”
  4. The enhance graphics DLC can be re-installed in windows store(very fast as already on system)
  5. Have to do every time if wish to enjoy enhance graphics DLC on in game
  6. Enhance graphics DLC uninstalled or disabled on game can keep normal start up on game

3 PC from me or my friend suffer from this case.
Hardware spec:
Desktop PC: E5-2683 V3 + RX470 with 56GB DDR4 ( Enhance Graphics DLC Re-Download & Re-install)
Laptop PC: I7-9750H+ 1660TI with 16GB DDR4( only update the game version)
My friend PC: I5-9400F + 1660TI with 16GB DDR4( only update the game version)


I am suffered with same issue. I cannot get the AOE2 DE+enhanced graphics run correctly again after i closed the first game-play.

Please provide a solution, Devs.

My hardware Spec:

Windows 10 64 bit

i7 2600 K + 32GB DDR3 +GEFORCE 1070Ti+ 700W PSU

@ The display driver and Windows 10 OS (1909) is up to date.