Game causes bsod, or freezes followed by closing itself

i have been playing since closed beta, and i never experienced this level of instability before, my 2 matches (they were 4vs4s) had crashes, first one froze, then closed itself, second one caused an bsod, fearing i could ruin the following matches i decided to try an coop match with the settings from the beta (it was another 4vs4, but 2 guys quit at the beginning for unknown reasons) the game froze then close down when i was starting to finish one of the AIs

cpu and gpu: ryzen 5 1600x and vega 64

before anyone asks, yes, my drivers are up to date

Hey there, sorry to hear about your experience. Would you be able to share if you’re playing from Steam, MS Store, or Game Pass?

Me and my friend are experiencing the same problem, Xbox app game pass


also, doubt people use microsoft store anymore, only xbox app

its fixed since yesterday, turns out the problem was windows 10 not being up to date

Glad to hear it’s all fixed. Have fun!