Game closes after a few seconds upon startup

Looks like I’m not the only one with this problem. I’m posting here because no one has come up with any solution yet, only guys trying to help aren’t from MS.

I tried that exclusion thing for Comodo antivirus, my Windows 10 is 1903.

There is NO ‘Get’ button in the Windows Store to update the game.

Graphics drivers are up to date.

I purchased this game some time ago, and it ran fine, always. Sometimes it crashed after a few hours though.


I bet I’m not even eligble for a refund. Even if I were, they’d probably credit you with Store credits. This is a rip off. Now I wonder if the Steam version does work normally. For sure never purchasing anything from the Windows Store anymore.

Where is it installed anyway? I look into the WindowsApps folder (after taking ownership) and I don’t see any folder named Age of Empires DE.

OK so APPEARENTLY you can go to the Windows Store, search there for Age of Empires DE and you can install that one as well. I uninstalled the ‘old’ AoE DE.

I assumed the game in my library was it. So I downloaded it from the Store and now it runs fine! Weird, but happy.

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