Game closing/desyncing

  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10

The past couple of days I have had a lot of disconnecting and seen a lot of disconnecting during the ranked match play. This happens by way of the game closing randomly or the game desyncing with the other players. This has been extremely annoying as well as led to my win percentage being not accurate what so over. I can only imagine I am not the only one frustrated with these issues.

Please continue to support fixing these bugs to improve the game experience.

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ojala se solucione pronto es muy molesto se cierra todo el tiempo

I had the same happen to me. Game crashed to all players and ended without a result.

@GeneralDavid40 @TitledPython170 @BuckledClub644

help converge the 5 to 6 crash/oosync thread and amplify our voices. below is the thread. and actually I have tested the PUP seems stable and played a few games no crashes but they are not releasing it as an official patch which means we can’t play with majority of players without crash until possibly end of april. please help post in the mega thread, thank you.