Game completely stop responding in Ranked Multiplayer

Game Version:

  • Build (34223) The December Hotfix
  • Platform (Microsoft Store)


Had massive lag to point of the game playing in stop motion and then game outright not responding. When it finally did respond it said I had been disconnected from the server.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play an online ranked 1v1 match, black forest, opponent was on Steam version, I was Slavs, he/she was Huns.

Same here.
I reInstalled the Game 7 times.

It crashes on my device mostly every ranked game (i play mostly teamgames), but some times even in Lobby games.
There ist a bit of lag (freeze) for 2 sec and then 30sec of playing again. Than a freeze where i cant click anything. there comes a Windows message with “aoe2 de not responding”.

Can somebody help?