Game consumes 100% cpu unplayable

The game starts in windowed mode and consumes 100% cpu, I can’t even play.

Same thing. I was told to wait for updates, but i’m curious is you CPU rare? I’m still using 3930k, i think it has something to do with anti-pirate protection.

What’s your fps in-game? have you tried limiting your framerate in NVIDIA control panel (3D settings > AoE4 application) to your monitor refresh rate?

There’s also in-game Frame limiter but it doesn’t work accurately (limit is actually 10% higher than the value), but it should still reduce CPU usage.

I’ve had games render hundreds of excess frames that were overloading my CPU unti I limit them.

Is it 100% in intense battles or all the time? The game does not seem CPU-bound to me in a non-battle screen. I’m running a 4790K , 4.6GHz so not much newer than yours.