Game crash after "desynchronisation"

I am really confused by this issue… it happens in almost half or more of the 3v3 games I play…
I have the feeling it happens in games where my team is winning, and somehow other player manage to crash the game? Or it’s just that broken?

So, we play normally, and then after 15-20 minutes suddenly everyone is dropped from the game. There is a short message about possible desynchronization. I see the results screen, but when I click one of the buttons, the game crashes completely.

It’s a very annoying issue, error message is not helpful at all, and not sure what I could do against it. Somehow it seems to appear only in team games - with more players…
Do others have the same? Is it really triggered by one of the players, or is this just a random feeling?

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Its caused by a drophackers (99% of them are from Asia and most specialist come from Vietnam)

You can see a ton of threads about this problem here or even on Reddit or behind my name here on forum (but they were removed because calling a hacker by name is against forum code —> lolololol)

They are even on top of the Ladder specially in teamgames and MANY and i mean really MANY of them were not punished anyway.

I regulary check theirs playercards and their number of games on QS just increase over the time like its nothing.

Devs. are super slow in banning players and we must hope they will fix this issue ASAP because many of my friends who are top RTS players as well all across Europe leaved the game for good just and only because of this mess.


Interesting… Thanks for the reply.

I really hope they can find a quick fix for this… Should be not that hard to see this in the data, is not a normal behavior.

Really wonder though what makes people do this… I mean, I am a simple average player playing for fun (reflected on my ELO with ca. 1000) … I guess if matchmaking works right, I am not even close to be put in games with people who are trying to climb the top of the ladder. If I loose a game then I am not rank 30000 but 35000, whatever :smile:
I guess on my level I meet with the people who can’t even do these tricks right and are stuck there.

Fingers crossed they can implement some fixes for these issues… At least the software should not completely crash, even if the particular match was “desynced”.


We’re working on it and appreciate the report @WiseConcil. Best thing to do right now is to report the player.

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