Game crash after placing high trade house

I just played a game of 1v1. I played rus. Enemy was french on high view (Taiga Winter). The map seed is = 529055d6. The version of the game is 5.0.10257.0 .

The game crash occurred exactly when I placed the high trade house. I dont know if for reproducing the error u need the exact position? But i dont know how to share the building position since also the replay is crashing at the exact time i placed the building (and just closes the window). The error occures in the replay at 13:46 however the replay seems to be longer in total. Maybe to get the exact position for reproducing check the replay of my opponent.

Description of error: When I placed the High Trade House the game window just closed. There was no error message. My internet connection was on the entire time. After starting the game again the replay wasnt there. After the second restart of the game then the replay was there and it says “Defeat()” instead of for example “Defeat(Surrender)”.

Hope you can reproduce with my information and fix the error.

Thanks :slight_smile:


1: When you check the replay the relevant game is me (nokarz4u) vs Quorick on the 04.02.2022. (Not sure if there is a better way to share a replay)

2: I Have 2 more hints: It is possible that I placed the building on a dead wolf in the fow. If i remember correctly i also placed the building partially in stealth forest.

Sorry you ran into this @nokarz4u! Please contact support with your warnings.log file. Hopefully that can help the team diagnose why you might have crashed. Appreciate it!

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