Game crash/desync when they lose?

Why I experienced often that when we’re about to win, the game crash?
It almost never happens when there is no definite winning team yet. It’s only happening when one team is about to win.

Has anyone experienced this?
I feel like this is done intentionally…

Please fix this problem… I hate this exploits so bad.


Can you tell how it exactly happens, I have never encountered it, my games go smooth and the only delay I have experienced happened when the game was retrieving data from the server right after the match.

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Are you doing only 1v1 or 2v2?

It rarely happen on that mode.

It usually happen in 4v4

Its happening for me in replays. I want to watch what happened in game but at some timestamp it always says sync error and going to main menu crashes game.

I usually catch 3v3’s and 4v4’s as I checked all options. So far so good. That’s why I’m asking for specifics, maybe there’s something that triggers it and you have noticed.

This happens to me more and more often (50%-I play very few games) when you are winning in 3v3-4v4 and the other team (usually bad players) trying out some weird ram +horse push or when someone resigns on the other side.

The error shown on screen gives you a loss, maybe similar to other hacks where the first one reporting results to server gets the win?