Game Crash in any Custom Map downloaded from MOD

I just installed AOE:DE after some game on Random Map, I decided tro try the hold CBA Maps but nothing.

Every map i download from “MOD” zone when i start a match on “Multiplayer” it’s crash.
I try CBA and other most dowloaded maps, but nothing every custom game crash to me and to all my friends.

I can set the game, afte coutdown it’s crashing on load screen and I back to desktop.

Some can fix it?
There is a fix?

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I have also noticed with many custom maps there are problems right now, game crashing, maps taking long to load, having to load them even if you already have them anyway…I’m using HD to play them instead. :confused: This needs more visibility. Also they need to change the way the custom maps load for the players, right now they are only temporary, in HD you got to keep them even after match and even host them yourself.

I can play every game but not Custom Scenario.

I found a solution there:

I delated the fodler: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxx\813780
And it worked, for 1 day.
Day after it’s going to crash again.

WTF there is no fix for that?

Custom scenario still crasshing on loading
But i try to load them on Local Games and they works.

Other map as Forest Nothing and every other map load from standard or custom map are working, just custom scenarios seems are bugged and only on multiplayer side, but not everyone.

Same problem, all my of my custom scenarios imported from HD are crashing in multiplayer almost every time, and even when I get them to start there is 10-30s delayed response when commanding units. So sad that can’t play these custom games in DE.

Looks like the devs are working on it so here’s hoping it gets fixed soon.

this was mentioned all the way back for march update, this new may update just breaks more thing than fixing for custom mods/scenario.