Game Crash - MidGame - Custom Multiplayer - Zycat AI Lite

In the middle of a LAN game with 3 players and 1 hardest AI using Zycat AI Lite mod. I updated to the latest nvidia game ready driver before playing. I have a copy of my log files and dxdiag but am not allowed to upload them so i attached a google drive link.

Are you using a VPN? NO
What antivirus are you using? Whatever is built in to Windows 10
Do you see any error messages when the issue occurs? There was an errror popup that had a diagnose button but i forgot to write down what it said. I will try to find more details when i have time to look for it in my event viewer.
Are you able to provide video or screenshots of the issue as it happens? no, i did not catch it.
Are there any steps that reproduce the issue reliably, or specific actions that cause it to occur? unsure
What version number is showing on the main menu screen? Age of Empires IV 5.0.12973.0
Are you using any mods with the game? Zycat AI Lite

No idea why it would do that, my “Lite” AI does not have any custom scripting whatsoever and is merely a bunch of parameter tunings.

I didn’t think it was the mods fault anyways. I was hoping microsoft or another developer would be able to look at the logs and give me an idea of whats wrong. or at least point in the right direction.

Thank you for reporting @SirKratosA. Sorry you are seeing this! We are not supposed to download anything without it going through the proper channels. Please contact support and include your files there. Appreciate it!